Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RAD 7.5.0 - WAS 7 - MQ Workflow Client Issue

FMC38009E MQSeries Workflow API Error :
      API Return Code  : 13
      Error Origin     : FmcSession.java:504
      Error Message    : FMC00013E Communication error - Failing Action: put, Reason Code: 0, Failing Object: .
      Nested Exception : None


The above error occurs when you are using RAD 7.5.0 and your application accessing MQ Workflow.

It is very difficult to trace the issue, because we do not know what exactly the issue is, and the exception do not show any kind of trace which we can analysis and fix.

The reason for this EXCEPTION is incompatibility of the .rar(wmq.jmsra.rar) file coming along with RAD 7.5.0 for WAS 7 with the libraries of MQ Series. Upgrading to RAD 7.5.5 will resolve this issue.

Alternately you can copy the new version of .rar(wmq.jmsra.rar) file from MQ Client/ RAD 7.5.5 to your machine and point the class path to the newly copied .rar file(wmq.jmsra.rar).

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